Reader’s Block

Greetings, Salutations and All That Jazz,

I have a case of Readers Block, Stephen King. I’m not entirely sure why – I’ve had ample opportunity to bathe in sunshine, book in hand, cup of tea within arms reach, a blossoming garden full of singing plants to provide a soothing soundtrack to many literary adventures.

Perhaps it’s that I just turned 29 and when you turn 29, you lose all desire to invest time and energy into make believe people in fictional worlds..? No, couldn’t possibly be! Perhaps it’s the pressure of now having Official Reading Goals looming in the distance where, much like an impending deadline, suddenly trivial things like watching tennis and investigating $10million houses on the web is extremely important and time consuming. That sounds pretty plausible actually.

Speaking of Official Reading Goals, I’ll have you know that I am absolutely no where close to achieving them. You’ll remember, I kicked off 2012 with the following resolutions:

  • 5 Stephen King books I haven’t read before,
  • 5 Virginia Woolf works, and
  • 10 Australian short stories.
  • (I also resolved to upload a new blog post every week.. I think my definition of ‘weekly’ is nothing if not flexible)

To be honest, they’re not difficult reading targets – I love your books, I enjoyed reading “To The Lighthouse” by V.Woolf last year, and I know the exact place where I will find 10 Australian short stories in one volume. It’s really not the “Oxfam Trailwalker” of Literature that requires months of training and a support crew to pep me up at intervals along the way. The only thing I can put it down to is a cold hard case of Reader’s Block. Perhaps a trip to an art gallery, or literary lunch is the ticket? Perhaps the Harry Potter series, or some Tom Clancy will energise me to pursue my reading goals? Who knows. Watch This Space.

On another note, you’ll be eager to know that some upcoming correspondence will include the following topics:

  • On The Finkler Question
  • A Word on Audiobooks
  • The Talisman

Your Struggling Reader,


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