Wow. Stephen King’s writing has really had a huge impact on the perspectives and writing styles of his readership. What a legend.

I’m keen to read a Jenny Mounfield book now, too!

The Australian Literature Review

The Ice-cream ManNightfallA Corner of White (The Colours of Madeleine)CarrieSomething RottenThe Dark Tower: Bk. I: GunslingerShades of Grey

For those unfamiliar with your books, how would you describe your fiction?

All over the shop – but most has speculative fiction, and/or psychologically interesting elements.

You have several novels published with small publishers and self-published, What has your experience been like with these methods of publishing? 

My first experience resulted in a book (junior novel) that, while it sold very well, was remaindered after a year so the publisher could focus on picture books. The second fell through the cracks and was remaindered even sooner due to a buy-out by another publisher who wanted to focus on their own titles. My third book experience was much better. Despite slow sales, Ford Street Publishing still has faith in The Ice-Cream Man, for which I’m eternally grateful.

As for self-publishing: I’m still very new to this experience, having only just released my first Kindle e-book—an adult title: The Unforgetting

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