Bookclub: What are you Reading?

Book clubs, Readers Circles, Talking Books – whatever you call it, getting together to chat about books over a hot drink (or a glass of red) is one of my favourite pastimes.

So, why not do it here, too?!

I’d love to hear about YOUR reading tastes. Who are your favourite authors? What books have you found impossible to put down? Do you prefer fiction or nonfiction? Is there a character that you identify with?

Don’t be shy! Post your thoughts in ‘comments’ below and hopefully we can get some nice, healthy book banter going.

I look forward to chatting with you further in bookclub!




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15 responses to “Bookclub: What are you Reading?

  1. Dear Stephen King, I am reading fiction and non-fiction concurrently, like I usually do. Non-fiction is Mark Sayer’s The Road Trip that Changed the World (about Kerouac) and fiction is Alex Scarrow’s Time Riders: Gates of Rome, because we have just been there and because my daughter is reading it (and because its fun) But question – what Stephen King should I start with later this week on Kindle?

    • DearStephenKing

      Hi there 5Cronys 🙂
      Interesting reading list. I’m interested to hear what you think of ‘The Road Trip that Changed the World’. It’s on my reading list, but I won’t get to it for a while – was hoping to read Kerouac’s first.
      What is the Gates of Rome one about? Is it literally the gates of Rome? (I dunno, do Rome have great historic gates or is it a metaphor?!!)
      OK, as for the big question.. Which STephen King should you start reading.. hmmmm… Well, given your interest in history, I can recommend 11.22.63. I loved it – it’s a good story, the characters are interesting and the death of JFK was a pretty interesting time in history. Another option would be The Eyes of the Dragon. This is more a fantasty story, and I loved when I was younger. The Stand is also a classic – pretty epic, especially if you read the uncut version, but the whole good vs evil plot gives some food for thought, plus there’s the usual great characters and subplots.
      OK, let me know what you decide!!!

      • DearStephenKing

        Bahah I just saw the link to the Gates of Rome book – I’m guessing its not a historical text about literal gates! hehe

  2. Hi there–currently I’m reading White Truffles in Winter by N.M. Kelby for our Twitter-based book club, Edible Books (@ediblebookclub & the blog is at Since you are a book club lover, I hope you’ll come check out Edible Books!

    • DearStephenKing

      Hey there Rowdy Chowgirl.
      Thanks, I will definitely be stopping by Edible Books bookclub!
      How are you finding White Truffles?


  3. Totally true ..

    If you start reading it let me know maybe i re read it with you and go spamming your blog about it 🙂

  4. While technically I am not *reading* anything at the moment, I am listening to Patricia Cornwell’s “All That Remains”. Does this still count?? I’m loving it because a). The whole series is fanastic and reminds me that I really am quite odd/morbid in my interests; and b). For some reason, I’ve never actually read this one and I’m loving the suspense – despite somewhat knowing what happens to the main characters in later books. I’m extremely happy that I started *reading* the series again… Maybe it’ll motivate me into picking up the books and reading them properly!

    • DearStephenKing

      Hey Courts, thanks for the post!
      YES IT DOES COUNT… in my humble opinion, that is. I’m a big fan of audiobooks, they make reading easier as you can do it in all manner of places: the car, long walks and even while doing the dishes. So yes, audiobooks definitely count as reading.

      I haven’t really read many crime authors – maybe some Jonathan Kellerman and that Poet guy, Michael Connelly, but Patricia Cornwell really rocks my boat, particularly the Kay Scarpetta series. That reminds me, I should get my crime on and read the next Scarpetta book – though I can’t remember what I’m up to!

      I happen to know that you are quiet the sciencey type – does reading Scarpetta make you want to get into forensics?
      Enjoy All That Remains, let us know what you think!

      Thanks for joining in.

  5. Hello,
    Just letting you know that I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.
    Check it out

  6. Well I would like to post something .. I start to read lately “year ago” and between work and others task its really hard for me to read more than hour per day . normally it takes week or so for me to finish a book .. But the only writer that i read for him fast and cants put the book down is Paulo Coelho I love all his character and all of his books .


    • DearStephenKing

      Hey thanks for joining in on bookclub! It’s great you get a chance to read an hour a day, I’d love to spend more time reading, too.

      I’ve never read any Paulo Coelho, though ‘The Alchemist’ is on my list of must reads! Do you have a favourite? What is it about his books that you enjoy?

      • Hey . thanks for the reply .. The Alchemist is a must and also ” Eleven minutes” as well .. What make Paulo books enjoyable to me is the mixing of different cultures in on story .. the unknowing path of the story you will never expect what next .. And you can really feel that he is writing about a thoughts .. Plus you can apply his thoughts on your life easily once you understood the idea .. Try one book and let me know what you think about it .


        • DearStephenKing

          Deal! I’ll read The Alchemist and let you know what I think! Maybe we can have a Bookclub post on it 🙂

          Thanks for sharing your reflections. I love how people interact with books. They have such a huge impact on us, don’t they?!


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