New Books!

This morning, I walked into the most delicious sight I could imagine – books, so many books! There they waited, piled & scattered across kitchen tables at work, begging to be taken, to be loved. So, I did, at $2 each, I bought 5 of them (rather restrained if you ask me). I love them already.

Best start to the day. Ever.




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6 responses to “New Books!

  1. looks like I might need to find skippy dies….

  2. a woman after my own heart!! I would have bought 5 too although I would want more… I just read dirt music! It compelled me to the end

    • Shan @ DearStephenKing

      Ooh, thanks Silverpoetry, that’s a good review! I’ve only read two other Tim Winton novels, and I hear such a variety of responses to his books that I’m quite curious about it.

  3. Good job in getting Skippy Dies. That’s a terrific book!! I recommend you read it right away! lol

    • Shan @ DearStephenKing

      Thanks! I heard an interesting review on it, so am looking forward to reading soon. The problem with new books is that I never know where to start! Too many options – good problem to have 🙂

      • I know exactly how you feel! I already have sort of a reading plan (a list of books I want to read), but still, after I finish one book, I don’t know which one on list I should read next 😛 It IS a good problem to have.

        But yeah, Skippy Dies is a very interesting, and entertaining book. I hope you like it!

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