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And I’m feeling really good about it.

Turning 30 is ace, because…

  • A 30th birthday requires jewellery..
  • …I happen to know I’ll be getting jewellery
  • *someone* is making me breakfast in bed
  • I’m having a Mad Hatter Tea Party to celebrate the occasion
  • 30 is so much better than 20
  • H is 40.. so now we can joke about our combined years being 70
  • Now I can say “when I was in my 20’s…”
  • We’re going to see Tripod, who we love
  • Stephen King was once 30
  • Lots of excellent people I know are 30
  • Turning 30 is a great reason to buy lots of books.

I just want to be 30.

Happy Birthday, Me.

X Shan



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